2Sea, a pattern for 2 scarfs (English, in US terms)


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2Sea, the pattern.

Sometimes crocheting is very strenuous, just think about all that count. Or crochet with multiple colours. Or when you get ‘help’ from child, pet or from the clean-up gnome (Where is my crochet hook!). Too much stress. Fortunately, there are also patterns where you can hook stress-free, do not think, just go with the flow! Look for nice yarn and you’re completely zen.

Now I had ordered yarn for this pattern: Scheepjes Stardust, in the colour Aquarius. The colour of the sea. And that with a touch of glitter … I am in love with this beautiful yarn. While I was designing the scarf, the yarn became more and more liquid. The wave of the water can be seen in the pattern. And as a sea girl, I am very happy about it. Crocheting the scarf was so soothing and inspiring that I immediately put a second scarf on the needle. The pattern has two variants, they are in one pattern. They all belong together. The name of the pattern was therefore logical: 2Sea.

The pattern is very forgiving, making a mistake is not so bad. Because Scheepjes Stardust is tricky to frog, you can just hook up with this pattern and camouflage the mistake in the next round. I have noticed that the mistakes in the pattern makes the scarf more beautiful. So if you make a mistake, shrug your shoulders and crochet the tour as described in the pattern.

What you need for the 2Sea scarfs:2sea scarfs at the waddensea

Supplies for two scarfs:
5 skeins of Scheepjes Stardust (I used Aquarius)
Crochet needle 4,0mm/ G
Darning needle
Stitch markers

Tips for crocheting the 2Sea scarfs

Please read carefully what the pattern says and look in the crochet-diagram if you don’t understand it, you can contact me. Making a mistake isn’t something to worry about, almost every mistake is camouflageable in the next tour. Just make the stitch/stitches that were supposed to be there “on top” of the flaw. It gives the scarf a unique character, just like the sea.

IMPORTANT to know:

The 2Sea Scarf is designed for crochetneedles size 4,0mm/ G. If you want to use a different kind of yarn it’s important to know the you crochet the first row a multiple of 8 and 7 in additional. For example: 47 stitches (5 multipled by 8, plus 7). If you need any help, plaese contact me.

Have fun crocheting!



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